Corona virus

People nowadays are have been familiarize for dealing with these pandemic situation. Covid 19 has widespread to several countries. Based on WHO that Corona virus is a world pandemic and already outbreaks in more than 220 countries or territories with confirmed more than 60.000.000 cases and more than 1.400.000 deaths these days. Enhancement and the acceleration of medical facilities for specialized diagnostic lab management and medicine for Covid-19 is important.


BSL 2 is a mobile laboratory that useful for testing the PCR Covid 19 detection test. BSL 2 is designed as minimal as possible but keep the useful of facilities and infrastructures PCR lab up. Biosafety Cabinet serves to prevent virus from laboratory prober. Therefore, laboratory that can be used for testing the PCR Covid 19 detection test is a laboratory with Biosafety Level 2.


PT Attekno Solusi Indonesia, serves the manufacture of  medical laboratories with the level of biosafety level 2 according to WHO and Minister of Health Regulation Republic of Indonesia. Some things that need to be considered are, level of sterilization, types of material, electricity, utility, airflow, furniture model, layout, waste and safety for operators, environment and samples.


There are two types of BSL 2 Containment provided by PT Attekno Solusi Indonesia, that is BSL 2 Container with around 40 feets container size which has easier portable infrastructure and also BSL 2 Mobile Container with around 20 feets that can be more dynamic to used wherever you needed. This mobile BSL 2 is supposed to support for testing the PCR Covid 19 detection test in anywhere, especially in remote areas.

Lay Out of BSL 2 Container


Lay Out of BSL 2 Mobile Container

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