Oven AP (Performance Range)


Oven AE (Expert Range)

• Temperature range: +10°C to +250°C (50°F to 482°F)

• Vented by a fan providing stability and excellent temperature homogeneity (<1°F at 158°F)

• Volumes of 60 to 240 Litre

• PT 100 ohm probe

• PID fuffy logic regulator

• Timer : 99h 59min

• Chamber heating by convection, no risk of conduction or radiation (air inlet at temperature setpoint)

• Dual digital display of the oven setpoint temperature & actual temperature (0.1° precision)

• Simplified control panel

• Adjustable air entry (from 0 to 100%)

• Visual alarm

• «Hands free» easing closing door design

• 2 anti-tip stainless steel wire shelves included (BP60: 1)

EASYCLEANING stainless steel inner chamber (flat surface, removable shelf holders)

• Stackable units (up to 120 litre)

• Conforms to EN60068-3-11

• Adjustable over temperature security device Class II as defined in the European norm

NF EN61010-2-010 (equivalent to DIN3.1).

• Individual quality control certificate

24 month warranty



To the AP general specifications, the following features are added:

• Adjustable fan speed (25 to 100%)

• Audible alarm

• Cable entry ports to enable validation and calibration of the oven

• Pr ogrammable controller with 16 settings to enable temperature cycle up to 8 temperatures and 3 different cycles

• RS485 port for data transfer. Software, USB cable, protocol and adapter included

• 2 anti-tip stainless steel shelves included

• Individual quality control certificate

24 month warranty



Specification (Ovens AP & AE)