Electro-mechanical lid lock system
The lid can be opened and closed easily and reliably with the one-touch lever.
A pressure seal method is used as a safety measure.

Dual interlock mechanism
The lid is locked by dually detecting the chamber pressure and chamber temperature during operation.
The lock state is maintained even if an operation is manually interrupted.

pulse exhaust function
fine exhaust is performed by automatically adjusting the instantaneous Exhaust intervals according to the chamber pressure.

Memory function
Set contents can be registered for each mode.

Warming function that does not coagulate the agar media
After sterilization, the agar media is kept warm to prevent it from coagulating.




  • Electromechanical lock system
  • Dual-sensing interlock mechanism
  • Pulse Exhaust System
  • Memory function
  • (Program your own)
  • Space-saving design
  • Process status display
  • Effective capacity : 50liter
  • Chamber size(?) : 300φ×710
  • Outer dimensions(W×H×D?):547×1046×532
  • Max.Steril.temp : 135?
  • Process mode : 3-modes
  • Net weight : 57kg