Split doors enable to take large vessels in and out easily. Can be modified to Forced ventilation system of carbon dioxide. Shaking width 70mm has an effective on the cultivation of Actinomycete.


  • Cultivation of E.Coli and yeast
  • Cultivation of Actinomycete



Easy to take large vessels in and out.

BR-180LF-70RT (orbital shaking/shaking width 70mm) can be shaked up to 250r/min that is optimum for especially Cultivation of microbe with Erlenmeyer flask.

Sliding retractable control panel


Model BR-180LF-70RT
Temperature Range +4ºC – +70ºC
Temp. Control Accuracy ±0.3ºC – 1.0ºC(*1)
Shaking Method Switch rotating / reciprocal
Shaking Speed reciprocal: 25 – 250rpm
Amplitude 70mm
Platform size/Capacity 680 x 480mm (Max. inside height: 420mm), Erlenmeyer flask 500mLx24, 5Lx4.
Door Style Clamshell door
Loading Limit approx.10kg (exclude Shaking rack)
Surroundings temperature +5ºC – +35ºC
Heating System Heater (700W)
Cooling Compressor (125W)
Display (Temp. and speed) Digital display
Programming Function 1 pattern, 9 segment / temperature shaking speed time (for each segment) [time setting range: 00h00min – 99h59min], temperature gradient function(*3)
Safety device / function Short/over current breaker, high temperature cutout switch, freezer high temperature cutting circuit, current limiter, overload protection, overcurrent protection, fuse, temperature error sensor, nonvolatile memory error, alarm for sample temperature protection (optional), door opening check, brake function on detection of motor overdrive (detection of abnormal pulse)
Dimensions 1110 x 716 x 930Hmm
Weight approx.190kg
Power Supply AC 220 to 240V 12A
Standard Accessory 1 x Universal shaking platform MT-6848 (LF-70RT) (*4), 1 x Drain-reception plastic bottle with hose, 4 x Vibration absorbing pad, 4 x Spacer
(*1)The temp. of defrost function just run is not included.
(*2)There is the limitation depending the volume of vessels and the shaking diameter. See the figure “Note” on the right page.
(*3)The transfer time of temperature can be set up.
(*4)Clamps not included.
•Temp. range and Temp. stability may not be meet the specs when frost by continuous operation. Required to defrost it regularly.