General Description

Moisture is a variable parameter, whose influence is important in a number of physical, chemical or biological processes. The FROILABO environmental chambers can perform almost all temperature and humidity testing processes: drying, aging acceleration, stability testing, electrical testing… To validate the performance of these operating principles and validate the chambers after manufacture, FROILABO has developed powerful metrology tools. These are connected to national standards, is similar to that used by accredited testing laboratories which allow for the characterization of our chambers according to the principles defined by the Aerospace Industry (Standard Aero 681 RE 01). The Meditest environmental chambers can meet the specific requirements of stability tests in the pharmaceutical industry (ICH standard) but also to test conditioning and aging. This generation of environmental chambers has many advantages in terms of performance and standard equipment. The Meditest FROILABO comply with AFNOR NFX 15-140.


Cilamatic Chamber SP (Humidity Range)



Climatic Chamber Meditest Range



•  Control range: 0 ° C to + 60 ° C

• Modular Relative Humidity 5% 95%

• Demineralized water supply 10 litre tank

• Refrigeration consists of a group of hermetic refrigeration, an air or water condenser depending on the model type and refrigerant HFCR134A (CFC)

• PT sensor 100 ohms comply with IEC 751 Class A •Capacitive sensor for humidity, allowing direct measurement of relative humidity in the enclo- sure

• Steam generation by ultrasonic system

• Double PID controller with digital display and real-set temperature to 1 / 10th of a degree

• Supplied with 2 shelves supporting 20kg each

• Cable entry 35mm on the right side of the unit

• Vertical forced convection (provided by 1,2 or 4 tangential fans 450 m3 / hour depending on model)

• The chamber is made of stainless steel (standard Z2CN1809), seamlessly welded to ensure a perfect watertight enclosure for water and vapour

• Double silicone gasket ensures perfect thermal insulation between the door and the room

• Outer shell galvanized steel and epoxy paint

• Insulation glass wool (60mm thick)

• Mounted on wheels, 2 lockable

• Sub-tight? interior glass door

•Warranty 24 months


SP OPTIONS •A power supply system in deionized water or by automatic cartridge • 50mm cable duct (instead of 35mm) • Power supply 380 V three-phase + with or without neutral / 50Hz for SP1000 • RS485 port for connection of temperature controllers and humidity to a PC and save and manage data remotely • 4 or 16 segments Programming for complex climatic variations • Electronic Recorder 1 or 2 channels •Keylock •Dry contact for external alarm • Lighting Point •Additional shelves reinforced or not, max load 40kg •Characterization of the enclosure by an official body • Inspection window in the door


• Temperature range: 0 ° C to + 60 ° C

• Relative Humidity range of regulated: 25% to 90% RH GENERAL FEATURES

• 2 PID controllers with dual display and a dual high and low temperature alarm integrated

•Ultrasonic humidity generator provides a rapid recovery to preset moisture levels during door opening


• Safety thermostat 3.1 for sample protection • Optimized air circulation guarantees excellent chamber temperature uniformity and stability

• Stainless steel interior for easy cleaning and decontamination operation

• 4 shelves as standard

• 4 wheels, 2 with brakes facilitating the movement of the enclosure (6 and 3 for 1300)

•Cable outlet diam. 35mm on the right side

•Visual alarm water level

•Visual alarm temperature fault

•Automatic feed to connect to the water supply demineralized

•Warranty 24 months



•Audible alarm of water shortage

•Audible alarm temperature fault, alarm report

•Audible alarm humidity default

• Exterior door two leaves

• Electrical socket in the enclosure

• Scheduler 16 segments

•Additional temperature sensor for traceability •Additional humidity sensor for traceability

• Electronic temperature recorder mounted two-way front

•Deionized water supply system by manual 10 litre reser- voir

•Automatic feeding system with demineralised water by disposable bottles with resin filter

• Material characterization by a notified body in accor- dance with standard AFNOR NFX 15-140

•Additional stainless shelves


General Specification