Retrieves solvent evaporated by a centrifugal concentrator. Other than Concentrating promotion it enables to prevent release into the atmosphere and inflow to the vacuum pump.


  • As a Cold Trap for Centrifugal Concentrator


Traps vapor into Cooling chamber directly or Glass condenser by solvents

Attach Lid with nozzle (sold separately) to Cooling chamber when trapping vapor directly (See left figure below). The advantage of directly trapping is the capacity gets more and the cooling temp almost the same as the trap temp. However, the solvents are limited to water and alcohol as the solvent directly contact the unit. In other solvents, trap by placing it into Glass condenser (sold separately) in the chamber (See below).

Model VA-500R
Cooling temp./range -75
Trapping volume (*1) Approx. 200mL/time
Cooling chamber inside dimensions Innerφ135 x H215mm (Volume: Approx. 3L)
Cooling coil inner dia. φ90mm
Compressor 2 x 250W
Dimensions (W x D x H) 330 x 470 x 835mm
Weight Approx. 75kg
Power supply AC100V/10A
(*1) The value when Glass condenser used.
● Ask us when used as a preliminary freezing tank or a cool circulating water bath.