Features: Output Mode: Constant voltage, constant current, constant power Auto generation function: Set either constant value e.g. constant voltage or constant current or constant power, the other two indicators are automatically generated, without manual adjustment, to avoid the phenomenon of erroneous constant. Micro current function: the micro-current will occur when Electrophoresis run into to the end stage in order to avoid the sample diffusion and the sample ran over in case of nobody in the lab to shut down the instrument. Safety features: Overvoltage, arc, no load and load mutation monitoring ;Overload / short circuit monitoring ;Leakage Protection; Open circuit alarm, Automatic power recovery; Pause/resume function ; LCD display of voltage, current, power and timing simultaneously. Real-time temperature control function: Real-time temperature monitoring on the electrophoresis buffer. If above the setting point of upper limit temperature, the output power will be automatically reduced to avoid the impact of experimental results from high temperature. Output terminals: 4 sets in parallel allow the simultaneous operation of multiple electrophoresis; Programmable storage of 20 methods, each with up to 10 steps.


Technical Specifications:
Output Range: Voltage: 5-600V;Current: 1-1200mA;Power:1-500w
Setting increment: Voltage 1V、Current 1mA、Power:1W
Timer: 1 min–99h59 min
Temperature range: 1-100℃
Dimensions: 308×242×100mm(L×W×H)
Weight: 2.8Kg