The Halo DB-20 is a high performance double beam spectrophotometer suitable for many analytical applications where a higher level of accuracy is required.

Genuine Double Beam Optics

True double beam optics ensure concurrent measurement of the sample and reference for improved stability, accuracy and reproducibility. The light beam is split in two using a half mirror so that one beam passes through the sample side whilst the other passes through the reference side. Both beams are then measured on individual detectors. The reference side beam also acts to stabilize photometric values in a similar manner to the ratio beam principle.

Spectral Features

Coma aberration elimination from the concave diffraction grating achieves a high resolution 1.5 nm (DB-20S : 1nm) spectral bandpass and certifies compliance of the Halo DB-20 to the stringent European Pharmacopoeia standards. Other specifications include an impressive wavelength accuracy of ±0.3nm, noise level 0.0003Abs (500nm) and stray light≤0.05% (220nm NaI, 340nm NaNO2).