The next generation Halo DB-30 double beam spectrophotometer boasts superlative performance characteristics for applications demanding the utmost sensitivity by combining higher signal to noise ratios with minimal stray light. This warrants the Halo DB-30 suitable to many diverse fields and industries such as pharmaceutical, food, sanitation, environment, biology, agriculture, geology, mineral, petrochemical, optical, life science, education, manufacturing and many others.

Exceptionally Low Stray Light

The intricate but elegant and innovative optical pathway is engineered to deliver outstanding double beam performance characteristics, in particular stray light which achieves an impressive low 0.010%T. The outcome is an increase in the linearity of absorbance characteristics for most samples thus increasing the scope of analytical applications particularly at higher concentrations.

Spectral Features

The asymmetric monochromator with long focal length results in improved sensitivity. Furthermore up to 6 slit widths are selectable and switchable (with the highest achievable resolution of 0.1 nm) thus allowing for the optimization of different applications.

Other specifications include an impressive wavelength accuracy of ±0.3nm, noise level 0.0003Abs (500nm), wavelength repeatability of ±0.1nm for the accuracy and reproducibility of analytical data and an absorbance range of –4 to +5 Abs for the analysis of high absorbance samples without the need for further dilution.