The MPR-96 Microplate Reader extends the Halo range to facilitate higher throughput analyses of experiments consisting of an array of micro-volume reactions typically in a 96 well plate format. Naturally the MPR-96 features the same ruggedness, reliability, precision and reproducibility synonymous with the Halo family.

The Halo MPR-96 also comes standard with a comprehensive selection of on-board functions for versatility and suitability to many analytical and biological applications. Use either in stand alone mode or connect to a PC to maximize fl exibility.

Superior Performance

The Halo MPR-96 boasts a market leading absorbance range between 0 – 4 OD which is further complemented by linearity of ±1% up to 2.5 OD (405nm). The excellent measurement uniformity across all wells is matched by an intra- and inter-plate variation of ±0.010 OD (405nm, 0-2 OD) for maximum accuracy and reproducibility.

Other specifi cations include 8 measurement channels and 1 reference channel to expedite processing coupled with a swift read time of 10 seconds per 96 wells thus ensuring reliable data during kinetic analyses.

An optional calibration plate can also be employed to certify various regulatory compliances or validate other practices such as precision assurance.