The Halo PlateMaster 96 microplate washer provides an automated and fl exible process control strip washing for microplates.

Flexible Process

Platemaster 96 allows selection from manifolds of 8 or 12 channels, 4 liquid channels, 3 washing methods including normal aspiration, overfl ow and bottom washing. Working on different assays is easy with the independent liquid channels without frequent bottle changes. The large LCD display with on board control allows up to 40 wash programme storage for easy operation. It is also compatible with fl at, U or V bottom 96-well microplates for different applications.

Reliable Performance

For great value, Platemaster 96 will be your best choice. It is equipped with a 3 speed shaking action to minimize bubbles generated and adherence of liquid to well sides. The waste water sensor for high waste level detection gives you additional reliability. A dispensing precision of better than 2% CV and residual volume < 2 μl are proven with the advanced wash head design.