Hot water circulator
Hot water circulator

Circulation the hot water up to +80℃ with high accuracy ± 0.5℃ . Various customized such as heater output and pump capacity upon the request. Heater output: 15.0kW


  • Hot water circulation to molding machine,Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, HVAC etc.
  • A source of heat load for equipment testing.


Hot water circulator with high accuracy. Various customized such as heater output and number of pumps etc.
Heating temperature control with high accuracy ± 0.1℃ in temperature range 40℃ to 80℃ . Various customized such as heater output and number of pumps, piping material, etc. based on the following models. Please feel free to contact us.
Model HC-15
Temperature range +40+80(*1)
Control accuracy PID controller, ±0.5 (*2)
Heater output 15.0kW
Pump ability(50/60Hz) Maximum discharge pressure: 0.59MPa
Flow rate: 42/55 L/min (*3)
Motor output: 0.75kW
Water bath capacity (at 80% water level) 110L
Safety device/function Short/Over current breaker, Phase-reversal relay, Warning and Cut off for low water, Circulating water high temperature, Pump over-current, Overheating protection
Connecting pipe diameter (Circulating fluid in/out) Rc1
External dimensions 627×772×1130Hmm
Weight approx.200kg
Power Supply (three phase AC200V, 50/60Hz) 60A
Operation current(50/60Hz) 46A
(*1)The lower limit might be changed depending on operating conditions. Cannot be used for applications circulating water return temperature increases.
(*2)Capacity when using tap water. The value when the discharge pressure at 0.3MPa.
●The sensitivity current in ELCB should be set larger than 30 mA.
●The primary cooling water is required when cooling function added. The cooling capacity depends on the cooling water conditions (Water temperature and Flow rate).
●The fee for Delivery, Installing, Piping work and Wiring work are quoted separately.