It is used when liquid heating is needed in industry, agriculture, health and medicine, scientific research and college labs etc.

7 inch Magnetic Hotplate Stirrers features
– 7 inch square hotplate magnetic stirrers are widely used in chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals and other fields.
– PID temperature technology precise controls heating process, rapidly reaches target temperature and enhances control accuracy, heating temperature up to 550°C.
– 7 inch square magnetic stirrers have glass ceramic plate extremely resistant to corrosion and easy to clean. The heating models are suitable for external temperature sensor PT1000, display and control actual medium temperature.



Model MS7-H550-Pro MS7-H550-S MS-H-Pro+ MS-H-Prot MS-H-S MS-H280-Pro
Work Plate Size 184x184mm Ф135mm
Work Plate Material Glass ceramic Stainless steel with ceramic coated
Max. Stirring Capacity 20L 10L 20L 3L
Motor Type Brushless DC motor Shaded pole motor Brushless DC motor DC motor Brushless DC motor
Motor Input 18W 15W 18W 5W
Motor Output 10W 1.5W 10W 3W
Speed Range 100~1500rpm 0~1500 rpm 100~1500rpm 0~1500rpm 100~1500rpm
Speed Display LCD Scale LCD Scale LED
Speed Display Accuracy ±1rpm / ±1rpm /
Heating Output 1000W 500W
Heating Temp. Range RT-550ºC, RT-550ºC, RT-340ºC, increment 1 RT~340ºC RT-280ºC,
increment 1 increment 5 increment 1
Control Temp. Precision ±1(<100ºC) ±10ºC ±1(<100ºC), ±1%(>100ºC) / ±1(<100ºC)
±1%(>100ºC) ±1%(>100ºC)
Max Temp. 580ºC 360ºC 350ºC 320ºC
Temp. Display LCD LED LCD Scale LED
Display Temp. Accuracy ±0.1ºC ±1ºC ±0.1ºC / ±1ºC
External Temp. Sensor Optional PT1000 / Optional PT1000
Max. Stirrer Bar Length 80mm 50mm
Interface RS232 / RS232 / /
Protection Type IP21 IP42 IP21
Ambient Temp. 5-40ºC
Relative Humidity 80%
Power Consumption 1050W 1030W 550W 530W 515W
Power Supply AC110/220W±10%, 50/60Hz
External Size(W*D*H) 215*360*112mm 160*280*85mm 150*260*80mm
Package Size(W*D*H) 280*420*200mm 210*345*160mm 225*290*190mm
Gross Weight 6.5kg 3.5kg 2.5kg