Microscope Central is proud to represent PreciPoint. The Precipoint M8 is a microscope and slide scanner that offers remote live control functions. This digital microscope and slide scanner allows for full control at your finger tips with the touch screen computer. You can easily navigate and pinpoint specific locations on your slide without having to look through eyepieces or focus. The fully digital microscope makes it easy to provide a quick hassle free consultation.

The Precipoint M8 is loaded with features such as live stitching allowing you to combine multiple images into one single full screen image in seconds. Furthermore the Precipoint M8 offers real time remote control allowing you to work anywhere, at anytime! This real-time telepathology concept allows you to connect and share with colleagues and specialists around the word. Not only will they be able to view the image, they can control the microscope.



  • 0second dual sample image overview picture; barcode recognition (coming soon)
  • 0.1x- 850x zoom and Live Stitching using a single objective
  • LEDTransmitted light with fixed condenser
  • Supported objectives: Plan Fluorite or Plan Apochromatic 20x, 40x, 60x (dry) and 60x,100x (Olympus)
  • Automated, super-fast motorised x-y stage 25 x 75mm (2 slides) or 50 x 75mm (1 slide).Handles oversized glass slides. 5 slide holder coming soon
  • Automated Z-axis; Z-stacking; Real-time live focus; Traditional scanning included with ability to save all or part of the image in multiple formats
  • Size: 45cm x 40cm x 30cm; 25Kg
  • Requires high specification PC running Windows 10 64-bit. Touch screen all-in-one systems can also be used
  • Optional software based applications and analytics are available