Build in Mini-printer
320×240 TFT Color LCD
For most metals
Based on the hardness HL value, conversion can be performed to HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS and Tensile strength
Impact devices D, DC, DL, C, D+15 and G are available for special applications
Test at any angle, even upside down
Lower and upper limits setting with low-high display judge
High accuracy +/- 0.5% when HL=800
USB output for both recharging and data transfer to PC without software
Large memory of 100 files, 100 data/each file, each data includes Max. value, Min. value, Average value as well as error and so on
Works on 4 standard AA batteries or 4 AA rechargeable batteries with working more than 8 hours continuously
Auto shutdown after 2min, 5 min, 8 min and never shut down
Conforming to ASTM A 956


Hardness ParameterHL, HRC, HRB, HV, HB,HS
Measuring Range See table below
Display320 x 240 LCD with backlight
Display functions DHardness Scale, Hardness Value, average value, impact direction, Max/Min value, Material, battery life, date, instruction
AccuracyWithin +/- 0.5% (at HLD=800)
Memory1750 group
Standard Impact deviceD
Optional Impact DeviceD / DC/ D+15 / DL / C / G
Testable work piece-Thickness coupled: Minimum 3 mm or more (Except with Impact device G:10mm) -Mass: 5kg or more  (2-5kg on solid support ,﹤2kg with couplant paste) -Surface roughness: Ra 10 -Radius (convex/concave): Rmin=30mm or more (﹤30mm with support ring ) -Test Points: 5mm or more from the edge of the sample, 3mm or more to each of the tested points.
Battery type4 x 1.25 v rechargeable battery
Operating temperature-20℃ ~ +50℃
Dimensions215 x 140 x 45 mm
ST & Cast ST300-90020.0-68.038.4-99.580-64732.5-99.580-940
CWT Steel300-84020.4-67.1   80-898
Stainless300-80019.6-62.446.5-101.785-655 85-802
GC Iron360-650  90-334  
NC Iron400-660  131-367  
Cast Alum.174-560  20-159  
Brass200-550 13.5-95.340-173  
Bronzes300-700  60-290  
Copper200-690  45-315