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Sample crusher/Homogenizer/Spin down mixer

■Bead beater homogenizers: Powerful Bead Crushing without freezing various biological samples in Microtubes.
■Frozen sample crusher: Powerful Crushing simultaneously 48 samples frozen with liquid nitrogen. Rigid samples, Proteins weak to heat denaturation, RNA, etc. Optimum for Extraction.
■Multipurpose spin down mixer: Double Role for Vortex and Spin down. Also simple crushing using beads and Metal crushers.
■Ultrasonic Homogenizer: For Solubilization of cells expressed protein and Emulsification of samples. Also Random fragmentation of Genomic DNA.

Multipurpose spin down mixer adapted to beads crushing

■2-in-1 Bench-top equipment to handle Stirring and Spin down
■Capacity: 12pcs x 1.5/2 mL Micro tube
■Possible for Beads crushing of E. coli and soft samples.


Bead beater homogenizer

■Strong crushing and High stability by High speed pendular swinging.
•Crushing of Microbes (bacteria, chlorella, yeast) and Insects.
•Crushing of Cells, Tissues and Organs of animals and plants.
•Crushing of Tablets and Resin pellets (with low viscosity).


Ultrasonic Homogenizer

■Easy tuning completed in about 5 seconds.
●Disruption and Solubilization of E. coli that protein expressed.
●Random fragmentation of Genomic DNA. Emulsification of samples.


Frozen sample crusher

■Crushing of frozen sample in vessels with liquid nitrogen
■2mL Microtube or Dedicated metal container are used
●Crushing of Yeast, Mold, Tissue piece of animals and plants