Desktop shaking water bath
Personal H-10 SH set

Main Application

Incubation of microorganisms such as E. Coli and enzyme reaction
Pretreatment of asbestos sample (need option)


Thermo regulation at +180ºC is available by using oil
Thermominder which adopted heat and moist resistant structure and addressed to high temperature is set as a thermo regulator. Thermo regulation at +180ºC is available by using silicon oil.
Easy takeout of thermoregulation part, inner package of water bath and shaking rack
Thermo minder (thermoregulation part), shaking rack and water bath can be takeout easily. Main body (except float switch), wetted surface and shaking rack are all made of stainless steel. It is enduring and always kept clean.

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Specifications and product configurations of this set

Model Personal H-10 SH set
Product contents Thermoregulation part:SH-10N
Shakier part:Personal H-10
Dimensions 335 x 510 x 455Hmm
Weight Approx. 22kg
Power Supply AC100V 14A
Standard Accessory Spring net shaking rack for personal H-10 x 1, poly C water bath x 1, micro tube floater x 1, clamp spacer x 1
Applicable Container / Number Test tubeφ11mm x 187 (hold vertically)
Centrifuge tube 50ml x 12 (tilt about 30º)
Erlenmeyer flask 100ml x 8
Erlenmeyer flask 200ml x 6
Erlenmeyer flask 250ml x 5
Erlenmeyer flask 300ml x 5
Erlenmeyer flask 500ml x 3

Specifications of each product to configure this set

Model SH-10N
Temperature Range RT+5ºC – +180 ºC (*)
Temp. Control Accuracy from ±0.1ºC
Minimum temperature setting unit 0.1ºC (setting and display)
Temperature setting By UP/ DOWN key
Flow Jet blast
Temperature Display Digital display (switching between setting temperature and inside chamber temperature)
Timer Buzzer timer : 1min-99hr 59min
OFF timer : 1min-99hr 59min
Heater 1.0kW (time proportioning variable output)
Weight Approx. 5kg
Safety device / function Circuit protector (15A), fuse (2A), float type prohibition of boiling while empty, protective cover for heater

Misalignment high and low temperature error, lowing water, sensor error, auto tuning error, non-volatile storage error
※Notified by buzzer

Dimensions 130 x 165 x 302Hmm
Occupying dimensions inside bath 130 x 75 x 137Hmm
Power Supply AC100V 11A
Standard Accessory PolyC water bath ×1 (can be use at up to +70 ºC), micro tube floater ×1
(*)Temperature setting range is -20ºC – +180 ºC for SH-10N. Combining with optional low temperature water bath unit or immersion cooler enables control below room temperature.

Model Personal H-10
Shaking Method Reciprocal shake
Shaking Speed 20 – 160rpm
Amplitude 10 – 30mm (continuous)
Platform Size 220 x 310mm
Shaking speed display Digital
Accumulation timer 0.1 – 999.9h (with auto reset function)
Dimensions inside bath 235 x 430 x 140Hmm
Bath capacity Approx. 11L (80% water level)
Standard Accessory Spring net shaking rack for personal H-10 x 1
When you use your “Thermominder”, only shaker unit is necessary.