Microtubes, Vials, Test tubes and Disposable centrifuge tubes can be used. Versatile Centrifugal concentrator corresponding to also cooling water circulation.

Memory button, Mode button, Start/Stop button


●Concentrating and Drying of Nucleic acids, Proteins and Sugar chains
●Concentrating samples before and after analysis such as HPLC
●Concentrating in Peptide Synthesis


Improved Reproducibility by digitization

Adopted to Magnet drive, Teflon? coated Chamber and PVC-made Lid (Chemically resistant to glass). Plus, the number of revolutions and temp. were digitized and the conditions of vague concentration drying quantified.

Enables Automatic/Manual Vacuum release, Nitrogen purge easily, Cold water circulation

Vacuum release with Automatic and Manual. For samples with resistant to oxidation, also Nitrogen gas cylinder can be connected from Leak filter on the back. Plus, enables to keep the chamber cool by connecting a circulation device (setup required). It suppresses heat generation from Rotors and can safely concentrate heat-sensitive samples.

Memory setting

Memorizes Temp., Rotational speed and Time. Invokes those and enables to start the operation just pressing the start button. Also enables to turn off Heater or cancel Timer manually on the way.

”Freez Dryer” mode

Enables Frozen samples (beforehand) be Lyophilized. It is required to stop the rotation of Heater and Rotors and keep moving Vacuum pump. Such operation can be done automatically with “Freez Dryer” mode. Although necessary to consider beforehand where Heater and Rotor rotation should be stopped, “Freez Dryer” very useful for Heat-sensitive samples and Samples with  chemical resistance inadequate to Freeze Dryers. Besides, Oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump required for Lyophilization.


Temperature range4℃ to 70℃ (Settable temp. range 0℃ to 70℃) (*1)
Rotational speed300 to 2000r/min (*2)
Vacuum releaseTimer automatic release (also Manual)
Rotor rotation systemMagnet drive
Timer1min to 99h59min (Digitally)
Lid/Chamber materialLid: PVC, Chamber: Stainless steel SUS304 (Teflon coated)
Vacuum gauge0 to -0.1MPa (Bourdon tube)
Suction nozzle outer dia.Rc 1/2 (φ13.8mm)
Sterilization filter0.2μm
Other function1 x Pump switch interlocking outlet (to 7A)
(Pump is started after reaching 85% of the preset rotational speed. )
Safe devices/protectionsOvercurrent protection, Heater/Rotation/Pump stopped when Lid open, High temp., Various indication (Non-volatile memory, Temp. sensor, Heater output, High/Low temp., Motor, Rotational speed limit).
Dimensions/Weight310 (W) x 380 (D) x 343 (H)mm
Approx. 24kg
Power supply (*3)AC100V/2.7A
(*1) Cooling water circulation unit required separately for use below room temp.
(*2) Max. 440 x g (Reference value in Outer perimeter of 96R Rotar).
(*3 ) The current will increase according to the use of Pump interlocking outlet.
●Diaphragm-type Vacuum pump (DTU-20/DTC-60 etc.) or Dry scroll type with chemical resistant (VU-100HC etc.) recommended to use. Besides, Oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump required for Lyophilization.