himac centrifuge technologies have realized the above greatest performance and the guietest operating sound “45dBA 2 in its the most compact body *.
CS150NX takes only 90 seconds to reach the world’ s fastest speed 150,000rpm by himac original vacuumed drive unit. Now you can separate and purify protein, lipoprotein, cell organelle, DND and RNA, also carbon nano tubes, more efficiently than ever.

The most compact body * (590(W) x 582(D) x 408(H) mm) does not occupy laboratory table. CS150NX carries the world greatest performance and many attractive and useful functions in its the most compact body *. Rotor chamber is allocated in a front part of the body with smooth sliding door, so that it is easy for operators to place a rotor. Touch-sensitive LCD panel with wide view angle is placed at a position and an angle for easy operation.PWM (pulse width modulation) motor control has realized substantial reduction in acceleration and deceleration time.

Samples need to be balanced within 5mm by visual check only.* Non-contact imbalance sensor always monitors vibration of the rotor and drive shaft. In case of abnormal vibration, the sensor activates and stops operation immediately.


Model CS150NX
Maximum Speed (rpm) 150
Maximum RCF (x g) 1,050,000 (S140AT rotor)
Speed Control Accuracy (rpm) +/-50 (5,000 – 150,000)
Maximum Tube Capacity 30ml x 6 tubes (S50A rotor)
Maximum Tube Capacity 7ml x 4 tubes (S50ST rotor)
(Swing Rotor)
Timer 1 min. to 99 hrs. and 59 min.
with HOLD function, with RTC function
Rotor Temp. Control Range 0 – 40 degree C (1 degree increments)
Rotor Cooling Method Thermo-module cooling system (HCF free)
Rotor Setting Method Self – Locking System
Screen Display Colour LCD (touch-sensitive)
Operational Noise (dBA) 45 (1m front)
Heat Radiation Rate (kw) 0.7
Drive Unit Warranty 5 years
Dimensions (mm) 590 (W) x 582 (D) x 408 (H)
Footprint (m2) 0.50 (850 x 590)
Weight (kg) 97
Power Requirements AC220V, 230V, 240V +/-10% (50/60Hz)
Single phase, 8A (Maximum)
Standard Accessories Tool box and tool set, Instruction manual
Standard IEC61010-2-020, EN61326, CE Marking qualified