Product Info Category List

Constant temperature incubator shaker

■Medium size
■Small size
■With NewMax drive
■Large size
■LED irradiation
■Non-contact turbidimeter for Shaking culture
■LED irradiation unit
■For Well plate and Microtube


■Strong shaker (SR/TS series)
■Shaker with NewMax drive
■Bench-top shaker
■Shaker for Well plates and Microtubes
■Small size Shaker
■Middle size Shaker
■Large size Shaker
■Strong shaker for Separatory funnel
■Strong vial mixer (VIX)
■Shaker for High humidity

Customized Bioshaker

■Incubator shaker for Mammalian cells
■Incubator shaker for Microalgae

CO2/Multi-gas incubator

■CO2 incubator
■Multi-gas incubator
■CO2 incubator (Active Gus Ventilation type )
■Multi-gas incubator (Active Gus Ventilation type )
■Nitrogen gas Generator


■Test tube Mixer
■Rotating Incubator
■Planetary centrifugal stirrer

Sample crusher/Homogenizer/Spin down mixer

■Multipurpose spin down mixer adapted to beads crushing
■Bead beater homogenizer
■Ultrasonic Homogenizer
■Frozen sample crusher

Aluminum block Bath/Minisize Bath

■Aluminum block Bath
■Minisize Bath

Water bath/Shaking Water bath

■Unit Water bath
■Automatic water supply Unit
■Bench-top Shaking Water bath
■Shaking Water bath (Large size)
■Combination type Shaking Water bath
■Program Setting Device

Immersion Cooler/Chiller for laboratory

■Immersion Cooler
■Temperature control Unit (Immersion Cooler Related product)
■Chiller for open circuit (Air-cooled type)
■Constant temperature water bath with exocyclic coolnit bath

Constant temperature Chamber/Hybridization Incubator

■Small size Constant temperature Chamber
■Middle size Constant temperature Chamber
■Large size Constant temperature Chamber
■Small-size Incubator for Microplates
■Hybridization Oven
■Constant temperature Defrost Shaking incubator

Centrifugal Concentrator/Cold Trap

■Centrifugal Concentrator
■Cold Trap
■Vacuum pump
■Test Tube Concentrator

Freeze dryer

■Freeze dryer
■Drying Chamber

Digital colorimeter

Electrophoresis apparatus

■Submarine Electrophoresis apparatus
■Blotting device for hybridization

Large CO2 incubator for Stack plate

■Active gas ventilation type large CO2 incubator for Stack plate

Chiller for Industry

■Simple Chiller series
■Compact CH series
■Pump units for Compact CH series
■Large chiller CH series
■High temperature circulator
■Ultra low temperature circulator
■Large inverter chiller CHV series
■Hot water circulator

SATAKE Bioreactor Series

For production of vaccine