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TAITEC telah meluncurkan merek baru—Seri NEXT!
Inisiatif berkelanjutan: getaran rendah, kebisingan rendah, dan
konsumsi daya rendah

TAITEC telah meluncurkan merek baru—Seri NEXT!
SustainabTAITEC telah meluncurkan delapan model sekaligus di bawah merek baru yang disebut seri NEXT.
Seri NEXT adalah versi yang didesain ulang dari model terlaris kami yang telah lama ada dengan terpadu
penampilan sekaligus mencapai kegunaan sederhana dan penggerak stabil, termasuk menurunkan getaran dan daya
konsumsi. Misalnya, mengoperasikan kedelapan produk yang ditampilkan di foto secara bersamaan
di bawah ini memerlukan arus pengoperasian hanya sekitar 1,2 A (120 Wh)*.
Produk-produk ini mampu mendinginkan hingga di bawah suhu kamar dengan menggunakan elemen Peltier
dan tidak menggunakan CFC.
Seri NEXT dirancang untuk menggunakan jumlah daya listrik minimum yang diperlukan untuknya
aplikasi dalam proses penelitian. Ini memiliki konsumsi daya yang berkurang secara drastis, berkat
penghapusan operasi pengaturan yang rumit serta pengurangan jumlah inisiatif komponen utama: getaran rendah, kebisingan rendah, dan
konsumsi daya rendah

taitec new products

Product Info

Maximizer, constant temperature shaking culture machine compatible with well plates and microtubes


Product code: 0086506-000

For processing multiple samples in small-diameter containers such as wells and microtubes, and for high-speed microvibration.

96 hole deep well usage example


Main uses

 Shaking culture in deep wells or microtubes
 Antibody reactions in ELISA and phage display
 Enzyme digestion, biodegradability tests, metabolome analysis, etc.

Download file (useful information)

 From the general catalog Maximizer MBR-022R/K


CFC-free and energy-saving Peltier allows temperature control from +15℃

The heating and cooling system uses a Peltier element, allowing temperature control from +15℃ to +60℃ despite its compact size.

Stir and culture efficiently with S-Max drive

“S-Max drive” is a mechanism that uses special rubber and a crankshaft structure to improve the accuracy of vibration speed and suppress vertical vibration. This prevents the device from moving due to vibrations during operation and provides quiet viewing performance. Compared to the conventional model (M/BR-022UP), the measured vibration of the device body has been reduced by more than 50%.

2 well plates, 48 1.5mL microtubes

Two well plate types can be used as standard. By using a rack sold separately, 0.5mL and 1.5/2.0mL microtubes can also be used.

About deep well plate sealing

When shaking PCR plates without skirts or semi-skirted well plates, you can use a commercially available tube rack. Please use the vibration speed as a guideline up to MAX1200r/min.
*Semi-skirt Low profile type cannot be used with this combination.

*About deep well plate sealing

For culturing in deep-well plates, use adhesive culturing seals as lids, which are breathable and reduce evaporation.
Seals are sold by Nippon Genetics and Thermo Scientific. It seems that there are product changes and name changes from time to time, so please search for plate stickers using phrases such as plate sticker, plate sealing film, sealing tape, gas permeable, culture use, etc.


Model nameMBR-022R
Operating temperature limit+15℃~+60℃(*1)
Temperature control accuracy±0.5℃〜1.0℃(*2)
Shaking methodHorizontal eccentric vibration type (S-Max drive)
vibration velocity300~2500r/min
Applicable containers/number of racks2 well plates 2
microtube racks (24 racks x 2)
Operating environment temperature range+5℃~+30℃
Heating/cooling methodPeltier element
Temperature/speed displaydigital display
Safety device/safety functionFuse, high temperature, braking when hood is open, motor overload, motor overvoltage, sample protection high/low temperature alarm, non-volatile memory error, sensor disconnection diagnosis, auto tuning error, alarm setting error, speed limit error, out of display range/out of measurement range error
External dimensions244×417×240Hmm
massApproximately 15kg
power supplyAC100V・3A
Standard accessoriesPower cord x 1, plate adapter x 1, fuse x 1, drain bat x 1
(*1) The operating temperature range is -7℃ when cooling and +40℃ when heating.
(*2) Values in an environment of +25℃.
●This product is designed to be suitable for 96-well plates, so if the well sizes are different, such as 24-well or 384-well, the stirring efficiency will change.


Separately sold parts


Microtube rack EM-0524

Aluminum microtube rack that can hold 24 0.5ml microtubes
■Applicable containers/Number of racks: 0.5ml microtubes x 24 ■Material: Aluminum

Microtube rack EM-1524

Aluminum microtube rack that can hold 24 1.5/2mL microtubes
■Applicable containers/Number of racks: 1.5/2mL microtubes x 24 ■Material: Aluminum

Microtube rack EM-1515

Aluminum microtube rack that can hold 12 5.0ml microtubes
■Applicable containers/Number of racks: 5.0ml microtubes x 12 ■Materials: Aluminum and ethylene propylene…

Stack case SKM-2

Dedicated stand that can install two MBR-022R/K
■Applicable models: MBR-022R/K, up to two ■External dimensions: 317 x 460 x 335Hmm (MBR-022R/K on the upper…


Product Info

Aluminum block constant temperature bath Cool thermo unit


Product code: 0087479-000

Aluminum block constant temperature bath for heating and cooling microtubes, centrifuge tubes, etc. Fast temperature transition with thin block. CTU-R is coolable and CFC-free.

Aluminum block sold separately

It can also be installed in two tiers using the optional stack case SKD-2.

By removing the transparent cover (clear roof) from the lid, long containers such as test tubes can be used.

The clear roof was removed and the test tube was used.

Main uses

 Various enzymatic reactions and thermal denaturation of DNA and RNA
 Ligation of DNA

Download file (useful information)

 From the general catalog Dry thermo unit DTU-R / Cool thermo unit CTU-R


Generous size of 2 half blocks or 1 full block

A 1.5ml microtube can hold one “Full Block” that can hold 40 tubes. Since the “half block” shared with the Mini can hold two pieces, it is also possible to use two types of containers.

Compatible with various containers by exchanging blocks

Several types of full blocks and half blocks (both sold separately) are available to accommodate a variety of containers. This is a full block for 0.2ml microtubes and can also be used with PCR plates.

There are two models with different temperature ranges, and the cooling type is Peltier method.

This product, CTU-R, can operate at low temperatures using Peltier heating and cooling, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
There is also a sister model, DTU-R, which is dedicated to heating and can be used from room temperature +3°C.

Example of temperature transition time (CTU-R is heating/cooling, sister machine DTU-R is heating only)


Model nameCTU-R
Operating environment temperature+5℃~+30℃(*1)
Operating temperature limit0℃~+105℃(*2)
Temperature control accuracy±0.1~0.2℃ (*3)
Minimum temperature setting unit0.1℃
temperature displayDigital type (set temperature/current temperature switching type)
Heating/cooling methodHeating and cooling using Peltier element
Safety device/safety functionNon-volatile memory abnormality, sensor disconnection diagnosis, sample protection alarm (high/low temperature)
External dimensions244×285×180Hmm
massApproximately 5.5kg (not including block)
power supplyAC100V・2A
Standard accessoriesPower cord, hook handle, fuse (built-in fuse holder)
(*1) Specifications may not be met with the hood open, in environments exceeding +30℃, or in low-temperature environments.
(*2) The maximum operating temperature range is room temperature -30°C when cooling and room temperature +80°C when heating.
(*3) This is the value when the operating temperature range is around +25℃.



Product Info

Maximizer, constant temperature shaking culture machine compatible with well plates


Product code: 0086608-000

Large capacity shaking culture machine suitable for 96 wells. Renovated to improve the stability of the main unit and make it significantly quieter. Save energy with Peltier.

Example of using shaking table
DWP-2412N for deep well (sold separately)


Main uses

 Cultivation of Escherichia coli, yeast, etc. in deep wells
 Panning with ELISA and fuzzy display
 Enzymatic digestion of mouse tail, dissolution test of poorly soluble substances, etc.

Download file (useful information)

 From the general catalog Maximizer M・BR-430FL/430FP


Renovated to improve the stability of the main unit and make it significantly quieter. Peltier saves energy and allows temperature control from +20℃

The balance of the shaking table has been thoroughly reviewed, making it significantly more stable and quieter than the conventional machine M/BR-420FL (noise level at 1500r/min is approximately 1/2).
M・BR-430FP has temperature control from +20℃, but the power consumption is approximately 1/5 of the conventional model (at 37℃, 1500r/min) due to the Peltier heating and cooling system, and the power supply capacity is 7A, making it extremely energy-saving. .
The sister machine M/BR-430FL can be kept at a low temperature of +4℃ using a refrigerator, and can be cultured at a low temperature or transferred to a low temperature after culturing at 37℃ for storage (power capacity is 12A).

Efficient stirring with unique mechanism and speed of 300~1500r/min

Powerfully stirs a 96-well microplate/deep well. In shaking cultures of E. coli and yeast, results equivalent to the ideal growth curve in Erlenmeyer flasks can be obtained in these containers, which are not originally suitable for culture.

Up to 24 microplates, up to 12 well plates

The shaking table (sold separately) can be installed up to 4 stages (6 racks/stage) for microplates, and up to 2 stages (6 racks/stage) for deep wells.

Equipped with shaking reversal function (can be used at 1000r/min or less)

By turning on the shaking reversal function, you can reverse the rotation at any time. When ON, the upper speed limit is 1000r/min, but this function improves stirring efficiency and can be used for dissolving poorly soluble substances, etc.
*MBR-430FL/FP cannot be used by stacking two units. Also, please note that it cannot be stacked with other medium-sized BRs.


Model nameM・BR-430FP
Operating temperature limit+20℃~+50℃(*1)(Room temperature -5℃~Room temperature +25℃)
Shaking methodHorizontal eccentric vibration type (with reversal function)
Temperature control accuracy±0.5℃
vibration velocity300 to 1500r/min (up to 1000r/min when using the reversing function)
Applicable containers/number of racksUp to 12 deep wells, up to 24 microplates (*2)
Operating environment temperature range+5℃~+30℃(*3)
Shaking inversion functionON/OFF, inversion time and shaking speed during inversion can be set.
Heating cooling methodPeltier element
Temperature/speed displaydigital display
Program function4 programs, 9 steps, temperature, shaking speed, and time for each step [time setting range: 00h00min to 99h59min], with wait function (*4)
Safety device/safety functionLeakage/overcurrent breaker, fuse (built-in), sample protection high/low temperature alarm (optional setting), door opening/closing check function, sensor abnormality diagnosis, motor current limiter
External dimensions600×732×643Hmm
massApproximately 105kg (excluding shaking table)
power supplyAC100V・7A
price¥1,790,000 (shaking table sold separately)
(*1) In a +25℃ environment (rear air intake temperature). The operating range of this machine is room temperature -5℃ to room temperature +25℃ or within the operating temperature range.
(*2) A shaking table (sold separately) is required to secure the container. The number of racks depends on the number of shaking tables installed.
(*3) No condensation.
(*4) This function starts shaking after reaching the set temperature.
●External output and 240V specifications are also available by special order. Please contact us for more information.
●The old product M/BR-420FL and the shaking table are not compatible.


Product Info

Well plate/micro tube stirrer Micro mixer


Product code: 0085539-000

Efficiently stirs 96 wells and microtubes. Speed display/setting is digital.

Example of using micro tube rack (sold separately)

Example of using a shaking table for well plates (sold separately)
(can fix 2 well plates as standard, but is required for deep wells or microplates that cannot be fixed on a standard mount)

Two-tier installation is also possible using the separately sold stack case SKE-2.

Three-tier installation is also possible with the separately sold stack case SKE-3.

Main uses

 Promotion of enzymatic reactions (enzymatic digestion of mouse tail, etc.)
 Promotion of ELISA reactions, biopanning, etc.
 Extraction of plasmid DNA, etc.

Download file (useful information)

 From the general catalog Micro mixer E-022 (PDF)


A new mechanism that produces consistent shaking and stirring effects

Our newly developed “S-Max drive” mechanism significantly suppresses shaking of the device body. Even if multiple units are installed on a narrow shelf, they will not move around and remain stable.
Compared to our conventional model, the measured vibration of the device itself has been reduced by more than 50%.
It is also possible to install in two or three tiers using the stack case (dedicated stacking stand) sold separately.

One-touch attachment and detachment of well plates and racks (sold separately)

Adopts a one-touch attachment/detachment method that is convenient when processing many samples quickly. You can perform continuous work without stress.
A shaking table (WP-9602) is also available (sold separately) for fixing deep wells and more stable microplates. Recommended if you are unsure about fixing the standard frame.

Uniform and powerful stirring of 96 wells and microtubes

Equipped with the optimal amplitude and shaking mechanism for 96-well microplates/deep wells and microtubes (optional is required for use with deep wells and microtubes). Efficient stirring is possible with a shaking table that can firmly fix the container and a speed of up to 2500 r/min.

Stirring inside the microtube

*In order to shake deep well plates with this product E-022, the shaking table WP-9602 (sold separately) is required. We also have a sister machine , E-022T, whose
pedestal shape has been optimized to fit well plates, and which can also be fitted with deep well plates as standard . If you mainly use well plates/deep well plates, we recommend E-022T.


Model nameE-022
Shaking methodHorizontal eccentric vibration (S-Max drive)
vibration velocity300~2500r/min
Speed display/settingDigital display/input
Operating environment temperature range+4℃~+40℃
Applicable containers/number of racksWell plate: 2 (*)
Microtube: 0.5ml x 36 (requires EM-0836, sold separately)
Microtube: 1.5ml x 36 (requires EM-1036, sold separately)
External dimensions300×200×105Hmm
massApproximately 6kg
power supplyAC100V・0.5A
(*) The well plate can be attached directly to the pedestal, but depending on the manufacturer and model number, it may not be possible to secure it properly. For more secure fixation, we recommend using a well plate shaking table (WP-9602 sold separately) (required for deep wells). (*)When using EM-0524, EM-1524, and EM-1515, please use a well plate shaking table (WP-9602 sold separately).


Product Info

Small rotary culture machine rotator


Product code: 0087432-000

Non-direct drive achieves stable rotational speed from low to high speeds. Speed setting digital, 2~25r/min.

Example of using 1.5/2.0mL microtube holder SE-0108R
and 15mL tube holder SE-1800R (both sold separately)

Usage example of one 1.5/2.0mL microtube holder SE-0108R (sold separately)

Example of using one 50mL tube holder SE-3500R (sold separately)

Example of using one 15mL tube holder SE-1800R (sold separately)

Main uses

 Immunoprecipitation in a refrigerator or cold room
 Extraction of genomic DNA
 Cultivation of microorganisms in a thermostatic chamber or thermostatic chamber

Download file (useful information)

 From the general catalog Rotator RT-025N/050R


2 models with different rotation speeds

RT-025R has a rotation speed range of 2 to 25 r/min, and RT-050R has a rotation speed range of 5 to 50 r/min. Please choose according to your usage.

Non-direct drive provides stable rotation from low to high speeds

A gear is installed between the rotating shaft and the motor shaft, and the “Non-direct drive structure” reduces the direct load on the motor, resulting in stable rotation from low to high speeds, quietness, and durability. We are making improvements.

Adjustable tilt angle

The angle can be fixed at any angle between 0 and 90°.
You can perform inversion stirring and rotation at the optimal angle for various optional container holders.

Fall stop device

A function is provided to stop operation if the device falls over. It is safe even if it falls down due to an earthquake etc.

installed on a pedestal

The stack case (dedicated stand) SKD-2 for CTU-R/DTU-R can also be used with CTU-R/DTU-R on the bottom and RT-025R/050R on top.


Model nameRT-025R
Rotational speed2~25r/min
Angle variable range0~90° arbitrary setting
Operating environment temperature range+4℃~+40℃
Drive systemNon-direct drive
Safety deviceFuse (3A), overvoltage/overcurrent protection, fall stop function
safety featuresNon-volatile memory error, speed limit error, motor overload display/measurement range error
External dimensions200×265×266Hmm
massApproximately 3.5kg
power supplyAC100V, 0.1A
Standard accessoriesFuse (built-in fuse holder), power cord
price¥128,000 (container holder sold separately)



Product Info

Medium-sized thermostat incubate box


Product code: 0088502-000

The door is made of double transparent glass with good heat insulation. It is also easy to observe the large interior of the warehouse.

Example of combination with chromato mount (sold separately)

Main uses

 Storage of samples and reagents
 Cultivation of microorganisms and plant cells in combination with a shaker
 Temperature control of chromatography column [optional required]

Download file (useful information)

 From the general catalog Incubate box M-210FD


Small equipment such as shakers can be used inside the warehouse.

If combined with a shaker or rotator, it can be used for various experiments. A communication hole is provided so that the outlet inside the refrigerator, power cord, etc. can be taken out for equipment operation. (When performing rapid shaking with a reciprocating or rotating shaker, install the shaker on the lowest level.) ).

Light irradiation in combination with LED light irradiation unit

By combining the separately sold LED light irradiation unit (LC-450EXP) with a dedicated controller and mounting hardware (LC-1250SB), it can be used to cultivate algae and plant cells that require photosynthesis.

There is also a stand for chromato columns.

Inside the chamber with the chromato mount installed

A special stand is available as an option so that the temperature of the chromatography column can be controlled with this product.

Automatic defrost function can be turned on and off at will.

Automatic defrost operates for 15 minutes every 6 hours. If you are concerned about disturbances in temperature control during defrosting during precision measurement tests at low temperatures, you can turn it off (leave the defrost function ON unless necessary).


Model nameM-210FD
Operating temperature limit0℃~+45℃
Temperature control accuracy~±2℃(*1)
Internal volumeApproximately 392L
refrigerator200W (with automatic defrost function, can be turned on and off at will)
Internal outlet2-port type x 1 (splash-proof type, up to 5A in total)
communication holeLeft side (Φ36mm)
Internal stirring methodAgitation by fan motor
Number of shelves/shelf allowable mass3 stages/50kg each (equal weight)
Interior/exterior materialStainless steel (excluding some)
Internal effective dimensions494×646×1428Hmm
External dimensions600×800×1905Hmm
massApproximately 103kg
power supplyAC100V・7A(*2)
power consumptionSet temperature: 4℃: 150Wh, 25℃: 60Wh, 37℃: 60Wh (*3)
Standard accessoriesShelf net x 3, drainboard x 1, water tray x 1, drainage trap on the bottom
(*1) This is the value when the environmental temperature is around +25℃. The operating environment temperature range for this product is +5℃ to +30℃.
(*2) If you use an outlet inside the refrigerator, the amount will increase depending on the power capacity of the equipment used.
(*3) Value at AC100V, 50Hz.


Maximizer MBR-022R/K
Micro mixer E-022
Dry thermo unit DTU-R / Cool thermo unit CTU-R
Swing incubator SW-060 & Hybridization Incubator HB-80N/100N