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Water bath/Shaking Water bath

Bench-top Water bath and Shaking Water bath (bench-top and large size) that can be used for many application.

Unit Water bath

■ Attach to your favorite water bath to make a constant temperature water bath.


Automatic water supply Unit

■Supplies water automatically to the preset water level when water level drops.


Bench-top Shaking Water bath

■Versatile Bench-top Water bath equipped with Reciprocal shaking.
■Unique Monode shaking platform for shaking L-shaped test tubes available as an option.
■Easy to remove included shaking platform and inner tank.


Shaking Water bath (Large size)

“The long seller” Large Integrated type shaking constant temp. bath.
Shaking baths with High temp. accuracy that used in various testing and research fields.
Corresponds to Ames test with Monod shaking and Program operation as option.

Combination type Shaking Water bath

■Combined with Thermominer becomes a Shaking Water bath at low cost.


Program Setting Device

Enables Temperature transition and Program operation of Shaking ON/OFF with our Water baths, Incubator shaker and Chillers for Open circuit in combination.