High pressure autoclave is suitable for general lab.

  • Designed to suit for performance in general lab.
  • Fully automatic autoclave-heatup, exhaust, sterilize, pressure. 
  • Safety valve for discharging pressure.
  • Chamber made of SUS304 for resistance to decomposition.
    precise electronic timer.
    Microprocessor PID control for temperature.



Items Unit NB-1045 NB-1060 NB-1080 NB-1100
Temp. Range   Ambient to 130℃
Temp. Accuracy   1.0 to 1.35kg/cm²
Operating Pressure   Digital P.I.D. controller
Temp. Controller   Electronic Type, 0 – 60min.
Timer   Mechanical Type, 0 – 5kg/cm²
Pressure Gage   Adjustable Valve
Air Exhaust   Over Heat Protector
Safety Device   Audible & Visible Device
Monitor unit   Standard Type, 3EA
Basket   Dia. 300x630mm Dia. 350x630mm Dia. 400x630mm Dia. 450x630mm
    505x550x1130(H) 555x610x1115(H) 600x655x1170(H) 600x655x1170(H)
Dimensions (in)   45 Liter 60 Liter 80 Liter 100 Liter
Capacity   2.25kw 3kw 4kw 4.5kw
Heater   10.2A 13.6A 18A 18A
Power   110/220V, 50/60Hz