 PCR electrophoresis:27 slot comb*4 rows,Run up to 108 samples at one time(incl. Maker)
 A variety of gel tray to choose:130×130mm、130×65mm、65×130mm、65×65mm;
 The combs with 14 slots,19 slots, 27 slots support 8 and 12-channel pipettes for fast sample loading
 Built-in moveable electrode holder, easy to replace, no rubber gasket seal, no leakage of aging concern.


Gel area: 130×130mm,130×65mm,65×130mm,65×65mm
Comb specifications: 0.75mm:7+7 slots/14 slots,9+9 slots/19 slots;

1.0mm:12+12 slots/27 slots;
1.5mm:7+7 slots/14 slots,9+9 slots/19 slots;
2.0mm:3+2 slots/3+3 slots;


Buffer volume: Max 1000ml
Dimensions: 300×170×80mm(L ×W×H)
Weight: 1.5Kg