 Rapid separation of DNA fragment up to 32 samples just in a 20 minutes run with unique advantages.
 High temperature resistant and UV transparent gel tray with fluorescent scale, no deformation at high
temperature of 100 °C, no need to wait agarose to cool down for gel casting.
 Built-in moveable electrode holder, easy to replace, no rubber gasket seal, no leakage of aging concerns


Gel area: 70×100mm、70×70mm、70×30mm
Comb specifications: 0.75mm: 9 slots/16 slots; 1.0mm: 9 slots/16 slots; 1.5mm: 9 slots/16 slots;
Buffer volume: Max 260ml
Dimensions: 260×110×80mm (L×W×H)
Weight: 1Kg