 This electrophoresis cell accommodates 1 to 4 handcast or precast gels. In less than an hour, one to four precast or handcast mini gels can be run.
 With bonded gel spacers in the long glass plate ensures the accurate alignment of the glass to avoid leakage of gel.
 The casting frame cam provides precision alignment.
 The standard 4 independent casting stands allow to cast four gels simultaneously with the design of the
spring-loaded lever for a tighter seal against the sealed gasket
 The comb with side slot and the built-in ridge isolate the gel from the air contact and avoid inhibiting gel
 The comb with thickness and number of slots is easy to identify
 The glass plate with the bonded spacer makes the glass thicker and reduce the breakage..
 Include the multi-use gel separation plate
 Standard 100ml SelfStain Bis- Acrylamide Solutions 1 bottle



Number of gels: 1-4
Gel thickness: 1.0mm (Standard)
0.75mm、1.5mm (Optional)
Precast gels : Compatible with PIERCE, INVITROGEN and BIO-RAD
Glass size: 100×83mm
Gel size: 83×73mm
Comb specifications:1.0mm thick, 10,15 slots; 0.75mm thick, 10,15 slots; 1.5mm thick, 10,15 slots
Dimensions: 170×130×150mm(L ×W×H)