Ultimate vacuum range display function

Displays Atmospheric pressure range/Vacuum drying range/Lyophilization range in order with LED when decompression is started to notify the progress of decompression. When pump is changed, the setting can be changed according to the pump capacity.

The transparent door to see the trap status. Functional horizontal trap.

As the cold trap installed horizontal in the body, easy to remove trapped ice and clean it easily. Besides, as the door of trapping room is transparent, the inside can be always observed.

Output for recorder of vacuum degree. Nitrogen purge leak combined use nozzle.

VD-550R/800R are equipped with output terminals for recorder of vacuum degree. Plus, all three models equipped with leak port on the side of body and enables nitrogen purge from here.

Multiple tubes, Chambers etc. available as an option.

Abundant Options for freeze drying of variety of vessels. The power supply for chamber heater can be taken from the service outlet in VD main unit.

Cooling temperature-75 (at no load) (*)
Trapping volumeApprox. 2000mL/time
Volume inside chamberApprox. 11.7L (Inner dia. 210 x 345mm)
Vacuum gaugePirani gauge
Compressor2 x 400W (Cascade refrigerating system)
Recommended vacuum pumpOil-sealed Rotary Vacuum pump (Ultimate pressure below 50Pa, Displacement above 100L/min )
Vacuum hose connection portOuter dia. φ22mm (Rc 3/8 Thread on inner surface, Convertible to different dia. )
Vacuum releaseLeakage port with filter on the side of body (N2 Gas purge combined use, Hose attachment port, Pisco φ6mm), automatically released by halting vacuum pump.
Other functionsHot gas defrosting (thawing in approx. 30 minutes, outlet for vacuum pump interlocking (Max. 3 sockets, 9A, with operation switch), outlet for chamber interlocking (up to 2 sockets, 3A) Ultimate pressure display function, Recorder output for degree of vacuum pressure (0 to 5V)
Dimensions/Weight490(W) x 600(D) x 805(H)mm, Approx. 97kg
Power supplyAC100V/13A (Main unit only)
AC100V/30A (at Max. use of outlet for interlocking)
Standard accessories1 x Power plug (30A), 1 x Table mat