For transfers with the conventional method. The Water absorption pad reduces the amount of paper towel used.


•Transfer in Southern blotting
•Transfer in Northern blotting


The structure of G Capillary blotter

As the gel is placed on the membrane and the water absorption
pad is placed under the gel, the buffer flows down by gravity
and absorption. Accordingly, the DNA and RNA in the gel are
transferred to the membrane. Since the DNA and RNA cannot
pass through the membrane, they are trapped on the membrane.
The transfer continues as the buffer continues to flow downward
by the absorbent pad.

The performance even equivalent to that of G Capillary blotter

Footprint is quite small. Corresponds to the gel with up to 100 x 100 mm.The transfer efficiency is equivalent to that of the G Capillary blotter


ModelG Capillary Blotter Mini
Max. Gel size100 x 100mm
ConfigurationPad bath, Buffer bath, Pad P-1212 (120 x 120 mm)