Titration methodCoulometric titration process.
Electrolytic control methodConstant current electrolysis, intermittent electrolysis in the vicinity of the end point only.
End point detectionAC polarization potential difference detection.
Titration control methodAutomatic endpoint stop system:
 (1) Wait-time (INTERVAL) controlled; duration from 1 – 99 sec.
 (2) Titration time (T-TIMER) controlled; duration from 1 – 99 min.
Measuring range10 µg H2O – 99 mg H2O
Automatic background compensation range0 – 50 µg H2O/min.
AccuracyWithin CV of 0.3%, When water – methanol (1 mg H2O/mL) 1 g is measured 10 times.
Required measuring timeFAST: 1.2 mg H2O/min.(20 µg H2O/sec.)
 SLOW: 0.6 mg H2O/min.(10 µg H2O/sec.)
Titration cell capacity150 mL
Display screen2-lines by 16 digits with backlit LCD
Display unitµg H2O, ppm, %
Calculation functionConcentration calculation, Statistics calculation
File function4 files for titration parameters
Memory data capacity20 data
PrintersOptional thermal printer; PR-2000T2(PRINTY3), 
Optional impact printer; PR-302B(CBM-910-40PF)
Printout ContentsDate, Sample number, Measurement value(µg H2O), Sample quantity, Moisture content, Mean value, Standard deviation, CV, Moisture quantity-time curve, Other preset titration parameters.
External input / outputRS-232C; 2 ports
Port 1 (BALANCE):Connection to electronic balance.
Port 2 (HOST):Connection to external computer.
Power supply / Power consumptionAC 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 VA
Dimensions / Weight310(W) x 270(D) x 300(H) mm,
 Approx. 5 kg