The New pHMaster range of pH meters is designed for the contemporary laboratory environment and also specialized applications in biological and life sciences.

The small footprint belies advanced features augmented with a remarkable easy to use layout and all packaged in a robust casing to withstand the rigors of the laboratory. All models feature a user selectable 1, 2 or 3 points calibration with an automatic buffer recognition function.

The pHMaster BIO is designed with biological and life science applications in mind and is packaged with a combination electrode specific for TRIS buffer preparation thus overcoming the issues of inaccuracy obtained with general pH probes. There is also an optional micro pH electrode with a 4.5mm diameter for small volume applications in 1.5/2ml micro tubes.

For general laboratory applications, the pHMaster LAB is the ideal choice as it is packaged with a convenient 3-in-1 pH/ATC electrode which continuously compensates for any temperature fluctuations. Furthermore a variety of different electrodes is available for many applications involving environmental water, food, solid or semi-solid samples.

The optional smart stirrer provides the homogeneous conditions for more accurate pH measurements.