“Hypoxia booster” makes quick transition to hypoxic condition.


  • Mammalian cell culture
    ●For research of iPS and cancer



Precise & Convenient Hypoxia Environment.

Multi-gas incubator MG-71M can maintain accurate hypoxic environment for cultivation of stem cells or tumor cells.

Programmable Oxygen Control System for research in hypoxia(option).

Programmable Oxygen Control System (option) can set pattern of changing between two different oxygen concentrations. This system can simulate in vivo cell environment, or regulate differentiation by changing oxygen concentration.

Model MG-71M
Temperature Range Ambient+5ºC to +50ºC
Temp. Control Accuracy ±0.2 ºC (at below +25ºC, set at +37ºC, CO2:5%)
CO2 Range air to 20% , Digital display, Increment: 0.1%
O2 Range 1-25% (*1), Digital display, Increment: 0.1%
Heating System Heating method: air jacket
Humidification method: natural evaporation by trays
Inner Dimension Chamber:354 x 425 x 418Hmm
Dimensions 476 x 578 x 638Hmm
Capacity Capacity: 53L
Vessel availability: for example, 49 x Φ35mm petri dish or 6 x 6 well plates or 14 x 25 cm2 TC per shelf.
Other Functions Hole for power supply cable etc. x2 (Φ30mm) , Hypoxia booster
Standard Accessory Shelf x 3, water tray, PVC hose (10m), hose band x 4
(*1) O2 gas cylinder is required for set above atmospheric concentration and N2 gas cylinder for set below atmosphere.
●Two levels stackable.
●MG-71M can attach a shelf up to six.