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Wide variety Shaking methods available to support all shaking applications in R & D and Inspection.
Most models with Power saving less than 1A!!

Strong shaker (SR/TS series

■Shakes strongly with wide shaking width.
●For Preparation of reagents and samples for analysis, Extraction in food allergen testing (SR series)
●For Optimum for Soil elution testing (TS series)

Shaker with NewMax drive

Powerfully, Uniformly and Quietly.
Our proprietary technology NewMax drive enables an outstanding stirring effectiveness for 96-well plate, Microtubes
and Disposable centrifuge tubes.

Bench-top shaker

■Compact sized easy to use for bench tops and inside refrigerators.
■Ambient temp. range: 0 ℃ to + 50 ℃

Shaker for Well plates and Microtubes

■Stirs 96-well plates and Microtubes securely.
●For Promotion of Eenzyme digestion of mouse tail etc.
●For Promotion of ELISA reaction, Biopanning etc.


Shaker with NewMax drive

Compact sized easy to use for bench tops and inside Incubators. 3 models: Reciprocal, Orbital, Switchable Reciprocal shaking. Options are compatible with those of Bioshaker (Small sized).
■Footprint: about W360×D360mm
■Capacity : e.g. Erlenmeyer flask, 500mL x 4, 3L x 1


Bench-top shaker

The versatile shaker with simple operation. Reciprocal, Orbital, Switchable Reciproca/Orbitall shaking and Swing in figure 8. Options are compatible with those of Bioshaker (Middle size).
■Footprint: about W460×D410mm
■Capacity : e.g. Erlenmeyer flask, 500mL x 6, 3L x 2

Large size Shaker

■Being placed on the floor for use.
■Switchable Reciprocal/Orbital shaking.
■Shaking width can be 10mm to 50mm by stepless.


Strong shaker for Separatory funnel

■Shakes Separatory funnels vertically powerfully with energy saving.
●For Liquid extraction of analysis samples such as residual pesticides and soil components.
●For Pretreatment of Solid phase extraction of analytical sample.

Strong vial mixer (VIX)

■Strong stirring of 100pcs of 20 mL vials at the same time.
●Extraction and Mixing-stirring of analysis samples.


Shaker for High humidity

Enables Stable operation under high humidity in CO2 Incubator etc. as the high waterproof.
The low calorific value has uninfluential effect on inside temp.