The Upgrade of PCR T960 Industrial Design: How Heal Force Creates Better User Experience


In our comparison review of the two versions of T960, we compare the two generations’ appearance and UI design to help you get to know new arrival.

At basic level, the new T960 design hasn’t changed much as compared to previous version of T960.

But there are physical differences. Most obviously, of course, the new T960 is in silver grey and Heal Force Blue to match its marketing positioning, which is similar to another Heal Force star product Real-time PCR X960. The hand grip is made of metal to be stable and flexible. The metal wiredrawing’s outer covering instead makes this machine functional anti-scratch. .


The new T960 still equipped with 7-inch colorful touch screen. It do not require users to prepare a stylus or mouse. It is convenient for users to complete actions by using fingertips. When users interface with a machine, the buttons of machine screen must be easy to press. So the bigger a button is,the better is the user experience. With its blue UI screen, compared to the old one and its black screen, it’s obviously far better and brighter. The new T960 is a success update with its simple surface and pure color appearance.

In additional, by giving buttons different color from background to highlight important state information. Blue and white also give the system a consistent visual theme, which looks clear in the both low or high light condition of room. Moreover, text is legible at every size, icons are precise and lucid. The users know exactly what their final action after filling out the form will be, because they can notice these blue buttons. Bigger size and color are two key changes toward the button of the New T960.

In the program editing interface, the design of thermal cycler graphic over buttons can help users easy to edit temperature point and cycle point due to larger editing space. By clicking the shadow of cycle, this should bring up a popup window for users to access temperature editing interface of the cycle.

Another interesting change is about “Add temp” and “Set cycle” controls, which are displayed at the bottom of thermal cycler graphic.

To avoid confusing, in the setting interface the specific options of tube calculate will show up only when users choose tube calculates as temp control mode. The rule also applied to low temp preservation mode. The temp edit bar will show up when ”Enable” was chosen.

To illustrate running interface differences, notice now users can optimization temperature condition on File running interface by using “Skip” function, which is not exist with the previous version.

We want to makes gradient setting easier to understand and operate, so we update the “Center Temp” and “Grads” to “Initial temp” and “End temp” calculation method respectively. This enhancement affects how users fill out the data to help keep comfortable.

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