MINIFOR Bioreactor in Museo Jumex

Featuring MINIFOR Bioreactor in La levadura y el anfitrión (The Yeast and The Host) by French artist Philippe Parreno in Museo Jumex, Mexico.

In the latest exhibition La levadura y el anfitrión (The Yeast and The Host) in Mexico by French artist Philippe Parreno, the MINIFOR bioreactor breeds yeast connected to a PC with program from the past exhibition (Anywhen, Parreno’s Tate Modern Hyundai Commission 2016 in London).

Yeast culture inside the LAMBDA MINIFOR bioreactor triggers the order of sequences in the art gallery.  Cells control the projection of a film or sound and light movements.

Reaching a new dimension in arts with sui-generis trinomial combination: cells-artist-curator.

Experience the wonder and exquisite fusion of human mind and cell activity!


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